Conan Amok Butoh tour in Europe and Butoh Lab Camp has finished

Prince is BACK🇯🇵
Returned from Paris🇫🇷 and Cluj🇷🇴 For about a month, traveling, solo performances and workshops continued, and were ideal days to think only about dance. Especially l appreciate Yumiko Yoshioka, Butoh Lab Camp 2023, who invited me this time. Thank you to other wonderful teachers and enthusiastic participants. And thanks to the strong support of the theater staff and the local persons (I won’t mention their names, but thank you so much!), the tour ended safely. In Paris l danced at Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée and Cité Internationale des Arts, and in Cluj danced at Tranzit House and Cabana La lonel. Thank you for all the applause. Memorable Paris and first Cluj. Both are very lovely places. This trip has been very meaningful both professionally and personally. Then, I participated in a fulfilling 10-day Butoh Lab Camp as a teacher. I made new discoveries in the WS by other teachers with different methods. We tried to share technology with a lot of contents with motivated participants. I am very happy that dancers from the Conan class got together and were able to present my short choreography. Thank you Yumiko san and everyone for your hard work. Since l was able to summarize the feedback in Istanbul, we will be able to improve the quality of the next WS in Europe.
Now, I will join the Dairakudakan Hakuba butoh camp and continue my activities in Tokyo.
I look forward to returning to Europe next year.
under the same sky.